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Style your Bridal Dream

I'm Kylie Shek

Bridal Stylist



Makeup Artist

My work has been featured in :

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My name is Kylie Shek, I am a hairstylist and makeup artist located in Melbourne. I am also DREAM Pursuer; as I have quitted my 9-5 gig and devoted into this appealing creative ART world. In order to get equipped, I have studied Hairstyling and Makeup certifications after work. And when I have just started freshly as a freelancer, I was lucky enough to assist in a bridal runway, which my talents and passion has shined and hence been invited to the styling team for Miss World Australia & Miss Fashion Week Pageants. Later I've attempted various aspect of work, i.e. Channel 7 & Herald Sun celeb interview, music video, editorial, fashion week, bridal and teaching, last but not least became Bobbi Brown artist, and hold Asian Makeup Master Class for them.


Out of all those works, wedding is the one touches my heart the most; by making a pretty girl beautiful, I am more satisfied to transform everyday people glamourous, especially in their wedding, crafting my masterpiece who a bride been dream of, it is truly rewarding.

My Vision is to become one of the leading bridal stylist in Australia, to find the best version of you with hairstyling and makeup, going along with your wedding gown and theme.


My Work

Modern, Elegant. True You

Those are the keys in my masterpiece, 

I love makeup and hair that make you look fresh and bright, yet still look like You. And what I really mean is your characteristicyour lifestyle and what you like as a whole of You still show through by makeup and hair, to magnifying your very own beauty on your wedding day.  

I work with all kind of complexion, texture and colour, By knowing you more, it helps me to pick the right products and colours for you, and therefore we can achieve the flattering look that will last long. So do not hold back any concern, I am the problem solver here to help, without any concern leads no solution, and it is just the most important process to the best outcome. 

My mission is to craft out your bridal dream. If you uncertain about what you like, please book for Bridal Consultation and Trial session.  

The Memory we shared

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